This is a reality video of what really goes on around here on a daily basis. Sometimes there are good things and sometimes there are not so good things. Just like all kids there will be times where they just will not get along with each other or agree on the same thing. If you are a father and have kids then you should be spending time with them and making wonderful memories. These two girls and their dad have fun days like these very often.

We never sit still and we find ourselves going from one fun adventure to another on a daily basis. There are many places in the USA that we call home. If you do not see us at one of our homes up north then you might see us in one of our homes further south. Vacation homes are perfect for getting away while still being at home. We will be taking our adventures even further south down into Florida in a few weeks when we go on Spring Break and we will record as much moments as we can without it interfering with our fun.

Brianna has a thank you message for being so kind and wishing her a happy birthday. It was Brianna;s official birthday last week and many were thoughtful and wished her a happy birthday.

We did some mountain climbing but did not catch it all on camera but we will be going again to reach our goals which are to make it to the top of the mountain and shout very loud.

Always be careful when hiking in the mountains or playing in the river. Have a competent adult with you when doing these kinds of things.

School will be out again soon so this mean many more opportunities to be outdoors in many other locations further away. Spring Break will be here in the middle of April.

Let us know the top 5 or top 10 things you like to do outdoors. You may post them as comments or as a video response to this video.

We have many prank ideas planned for the Spring and Summer so stick around and see what kind of prank these tow girls play on their dad. You never know what to expect around here.

More comedy videos coming soon!