Join “The NoHoes” – 2 Roommates with opposite personalities – on their journey to find out if a Pumpkin Patch is a fun fall activity.
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Meet The NoHoes!!
Lauren is Upbeat and Fun and loves fashion!
Elyssa is Laid Back and Bored and a Hippie.
Watch these long-time friends and roommates interact and see just how “opposites attract”.

From Indiana to California, you can’t break up these two girls’ friendship! Watch them live as roommates in North Hollywood, CA.

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Hello, I’m Lauren.
And I am Elyssa.
And we are, The NoHoes.
And we discuss topics that we differ on.

Yes, and today we are discussing, “What are fun fall activities to do with your best friend.”
Today we are at Underwood Family Farms and we decided that, well I decided that, it would be really fun to check out the Pumpkin Patch.
I think it stinks in here.
Yeah, she says it smells, she doesn’t want to be here.
But she’s here, I paid for her entry fee so I forced her into it.
So today we are going to look at pumpkins, look at animals, we’re going to buy some pumpkins, try some awesome fair food, listen to music, it’s going to be a lot of fun activities!
What do you think Elyssa?
(no response)
Let’s prove Elyssa wrong and show her how fun a pumpkin patch can be.
Think we can do it?

Come here horsey.
He hates me.
Aww, he likes you.
He does.

Elyssa, do you have to go to the bathroom?
No, eww.

Look how cute this pumpkin is!
Isn’t it cute?

Find your boyfriend?
Yeah. He’s perfect for me.

We are only used to flat farms in Indiana, where we are from and like here, you can look up there and see farm, then a mountain.

Ok now we decided to pick out our pumpkins.

I found mine.
That is disgusting.
Oh my god, it’s beautiful.
Elyssa’s pumpkin looks like it has warts.

Alright guys, I found my pumpkin of choice, pure white, just like my soul.
Perfectly round.
Perfectly boring.

What’d you get to eat?
Tri-tip sandwich.
Let’s see it.
What do you think?
I got myself some fresh squeezed lemonade, strawberry
Also got a tri-tip

We are about to go into a corn maze
I hope we can get out
I don’t think so with my sense of direction
Unscathed and alive
I am very nervous about it

Just follow everyone.

I get it!
They’re telling stories on the way so you know you’re on the path.
I don’t agree with her, I think they are throwing everyone off.

Oh gosh, this is just like last year.
We belong, we follow the maze and we are here for days. We are lost.
You saw how big it was, this is crazy.

Woo! Yeah we made it, we found it!
We found it!
Good job Elyssa.
It took us a whole 5 minutes literally to get through that corn maze
Hastag success

Ok so we just finished here at the pumpkin patch and we are wondering if Elyssa is convinced that this fall festivity of visiting a pumpkin patch is a good one?
She says, it was alright.
What was your favorite part?
The warts.
These are Elyssa’s pumpkins and these are mine. Plain orange, I decided I like them.
Don’t forget about little Kingsley.
We got this one for Kingsley, he’ll really like it I’m sure.
I liked the food too. I like the music.
What else did we do?

Alright, we are going to head home but guys, comment in the box below what you thought the best activity was at the Pumpkin Patch and if you agree, with us, that it’s a good activity to do during the Fall to get in the season. Visiting a pumpkin patch and don’t forget to like us and subscribe to us.
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