– Adjust to preschool can be difficult for any child, even one that has been in the nursery for a while. You can help ease your child’s transition to kindergarten with these ideas and activities.
The important thing is to keep any preparation fun time. At this age, learning should not be a chore. You do not want your child to feel as every activity is a lesson or an educational tour.

Plan social activities: All preschoolers must get along with other children. If your child has not spent much time in a group with other children, then activities such as sharing, taking turns and play cooperatively can be very difficult.
Help your child to get used to being part of a group, organizing playdates with one or two companions or enrolled in a music class or fall.

Give him a sense of what to expect: Never underestimate the fears or concerns your child. Instead, help calm their fears with information; talk to him about what to expect when you arrive at school – where you will go, what they will do, and who will be in class with him. Before classes begin, visit the classroom together at least once, preferably when other children and his future teacher (s) are there. You can also read stories about starting school.

Come up with a good-bye ritual: If this is the first time your child will be away from you, he may worry that you will not come back, or that you will be lost and will not be able to find your way back to school to pick him up at the end of the day.

Read with your child every day: Most preschool classes have at least one reading period each day. Setting aside at least 15 minutes a day for reading time make this a family ritual when school starts. Children who do not have their first experience with books often have difficulty learning to read later.

Practice listening skills: Ask him occasionally to sit quietly and close his eyes, and then ask him to tell you all the different sounds he hears. Talk about what’s making the sounds and where the sounds are coming from.

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