Brentwood Preschools Daycare & Child Care Centers don’t all offer enrichment classes…Sunshine House Preschool does! , Oakley CA Martinez CA 94553
The Brentwood Oakley Martinez CA preschools’ Art Appreciation class, one of our most popular enrichment classes, studies artists and explores their techniques. In daycare, the children have fun, and through laughter and play they learn new things, which help them increase their creativity and knowledge. Preschool makes them mature swiftly and helps them explore their talents and develop new skills.
The video shows that even though children may not be perceived as equally intelligent or equally creative, they still have the potential of developing skills. Creativity involves adaptability and flexibility of thought, pushing children to their limits, without them realizing it.
When in preschool, children learn how to develop and generate original ideas, which is seen as the basis of creative potential. In daycare, the children communicate and interact with each other, which has a great impact on developing their communication skills and their creative ideas. The Brentwood Oakley Martinez CA Art appreciation class stimulates and develops the imagination and critical thinking, and refines cognitive and creative skills.
Educational child care has a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of each child, helping them develop a more informed perception, articulating a vision, and learning to solve problems and make decisions. Childcare is a place where children can build friendships, and with that build their self-confidence and self-discipline. Through art, they are able to develop the ability to imagine what might be and realize their ideas, and put their ideas on paper and express their artistic skills in many ways.
In the video, through art, the children learn about the planets. Also, with this project, they learn to accept responsibility to complete tasks from start to finish. Preschool children art experience has an impact on all aspects of their learning and development and in many ways it’s better if they do it sooner. It is an early childhood experience that presents both a unique opportunity and a unique challenge.
Educating young children and making the art an integrated and vital part of their earliest experiences is a part of that challenge. Arts teach intangibles such as creativity, self-expression, and individualism. In one part of the video, the teacher gives one of the children some small paper circles, and at that point, a few of the other children ask for the same. This shows that all the children consider themselves equally creative and equally intelligent. It also proves that children have the equal potential of succeeding and proving themselves. While making their creative ideas, all of the children turn around to see what the others are doing, and with that they show how much they want to be equal to the others, but also express their own thoughts and ideas.
In the end, they are asked to explain what they’ve created. At that point, all of them try to express and prove themselves, to prove their potential and skills. This shows that, although they are all equal, in a way, they are all special and have their own ideas and attitude.

Sunshine House Preschool Art Appreciation class are one of our most popular. Each month we study a new artist and explore their techniques. Children learn through exploring the work of others, as well as free form creative exploration.