Located in southwest Broward county, the city of Miramar is home to 40 parks totaling 575 acres available to the residents and the surrounding area. These parks range from small neighborhood playground parks to a 172 acre regional park, to parks with community centers and even a state of the art facility dedicated to international, national, state, and local track & field events. Miramar is also home to two Broward County parks.┬áMany of our parks have unique features that encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle, recreational and leisure services; athletic programs, family gatherings, & parties. These parks and facilities are also home for the city’s special events such as july 4th, holiday illuminations and a variety of festivals throughout the year. The parks have nature, football, athletic programs, gyms to workout, baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis programs, aquatic pools, lakes, computer labs, video game rooms and much more.
http://www.ci.miramar.fl.us – Filmed & Edited by Katia Bordy