In a perfect world the businesses should be visible for new customers with a very small investment and without deep technical knowledge.

It would be really great to have tools that will help to build and maintain a strong relationship between customers and businesses based on quality, respect, commodity and accessibility.

In that perfect world the business will provide relevant services to his customers based on their history (analytics), will be able to recognize his loyal clients, reward them and deepen the relationship.

The new world is also about customer relationship management which is almost impossible using old paper pads. The technology should be supporting the business to do what he is best for, stay focused on his main activity. Like JARVIS, Iron Man virtual assistant, the technology should take care about the rest.

Relying on the main consumer needs that are: “Mobility”, “Real time” and “Easy to use” we come up with a solution that is based on two mobile applications, one for the customer and one for the service provider. The customer’s application is a rich in functionalities tool that allows to  find service providers (based on preferences, geography and opening hours),  consult their information (description, photos and videos),  get in touch with the provider and order remotely. All those features in 7 the most popular global languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Chinese).

The business/provider’s application is a very functional tool that allow to receive orders, manage them through a simple framework, get in touch with the consumer, manage services availability (stock management); access to order history as well as print the orders on a POS printer through wifi.

In the meantime the business has access to a secure web portal where he can fully manage his information, services, generate and send  loyalty coupons; get insights through analytics and many more. The whole business signup and setup will take between 3 and 5 minutes, depending of the size of his services portfolio.

All the applications are cross platform, both consumer and merchant apps were developed for iphones and android, they are accessible on apple store and google play since 2015.

Opening an account with Activexplore the business will be visible in the apps, on several proprietary websites as well as on Facebook, Twittter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.

Our service is available across the globe, you can operate from every corner of the world where the internet connectivity is present.

If you are interested to provide remote ordering capabilities & build a win-win relationships with your clients – fill the form below and we will open an Activexplore account for you,