Fort Myers is a great location to visit and vacation at. It has sites and attractions for those of any age. There are historical areas of the town where you can learn some history. There are also attractions for those interested in nature. No matter what your interests are, there is something here for you to see and attend. The Fort Myers area also has a warm and enjoyable climate.

Learning about Fort Myers

While visiting Fort Myers, you can go to the Southwest Florida Museum of History. Here you can learn some historical facts about the town. You will also know why it is called Fort Myers, and what the initial purpose of the town was used for. The museum also offers and hour and a half walking tour of the historical sites of Fort Myers. This takes place along the banks of the Caloosahatchee River. You can also visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. Thomas Edison began wintering near the Caloosahatchee River in 1886. Henry Ford built a winter home next door to Edison. Both of these homes are open to the public. They also include botanical gardens and a museum.

Observing the wildlife

You can also have the option to walk over a slough with alligators, wild pigs, and herons at the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve. This is a boardwalk that is just over one mile in length. It travels through over two thousand acres of wetlands. It also includes two observation platforms and a photo blind. Seeing the wildlife in a natural habitat is one of the main attractions at Fort Myers. You can visit the manatee Park as well. This is a non-captive refuge for the Florida manatees. For the best chance to see the manatees, make sure to visit in the mornings. There are also other attractions in the park. There are walking trails, canoe rentals, and kayak rentals for everyone to enjoy when visiting the park.

View the Everglades

If outdoor nature is what you like, make sure to spend a day in the Everglades. This can include an hour long airboat ride in the swamp. After picking you up from a location in Fort Myers, you then travel to the northwest corner of the Everglades. You will see historical sites for this ecosystem along the way. You can also schedule a daylong Everglade Day Safari, which is also interesting. These transport you by airboat, van, riverboat, as well as by foot. This can help you to see a vast area of nature and the everglades.

Watch Spring Training for the Boston Red Sox

Palms Park is located in downtown Fort Myers. This is the host place for the Boston Red Sox spring training each year. This is a great place to visit if you are a sports fan. Make sure to inquire about the days and times of practices of the Red Sox.

A Shell Museum

The Fort Myers area is one of the best shell collecting beaches in America. The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum features mollusks and shells from around the world. You will also learn some ways these shells were used. There are exhibits that represent shells in art and history. You will also be able to see shell habitats, fossil shells, as well as much more.